Alumni Field

Lowell Massachusetts

Former home of the Lowell Spinners
(NY-Penn League)

Lowell All-Americans

Mill City All-Americans

The new ballpark would hold 4000 people in bleacher styled grandstands in 3 sections around the park. The main grandstand behind the plate is your garden variety aluminum, press box topped grandstand that you will find in almost every NCAA Division II and Division III baseball park in the country. The kind you could probably pick up in aisle 12 at Home Depot under the light bulbs and next to the duct tape.  The two sections of grandstand down the lines however are made of wood and all 3 sections provide backs for a far more comfortable experience than just having straight bleachers. The return of baseball to Alumni Field was important to this city. Lowell has had a very longstanding history of Minor League Baseball that ended when the Lowell Millionaires of the New England League left the original Alumni Field I in 1947. Now 50 years later Alumni Field would be home to the new Lowell Spinners… the Short Season Single-A franchise of the Boston Red Sox.