It wasn’t any of the above teams that started this trend in the Short Season Single-A ball. The first team to start this movement in the NY Penn League (a trend which now encompasses most of Minor League Baseball) was the Lowell Spinners. In 1996, the Utica Blue Sox made the move from Donovan Stadium to relatively nearby Lowell Massachusetts… nearby to Fenway Park that is. The thought was to build a brand new state of the art facility for the Single-A team, and instead of waiting for its completion… the new Lowell Spinners moved into a local amateur ballpark and revamped it with much larger grandstands, almost big enough for a professional team. The new ballpark was named Stoklosa Alumni Field and it would host the Lowell Spinners Single-A Baseball team for 2 years from 1996-1997 until the new LeLacheur Ballpark was completed.