Photograph © Steven L.J. Russo
The 1938 Auburn Bouleys were quite a crazy team with some players hitting .138 and others hitting .389. The best players would be Charles Harig who led the team in homers with 20 along with 33 2Bs and 9 3Bs and a .385 AvgÖ and he didnít even lead the team in batting. That honor belonged to William Homan who hit .389 with 33 2Bs, 8 3Bs and 15 HRs. While these were obviously the best two on the team, Albert Lehman (14 2Bs, 8 3Bs, 10 HRs, .357), Peter Angell (20 2Bs, 15 HRs, .290) and Woodrow McDonald (18 2B, .353)  all contributed tremendously. On the mound meanwhile we find the same extremes with Thomas Bebey (14-8, 4.87) joining Arthur Horsington (9-18, 5.79) in the rotation. The pitching was just terrible with almost every pitcher boasting an ERA well above 5.00. Because of this, the team finished at 49-68 in 7th place despite the incredible hitting. The team didnít do any better at the gate with only 16,000 coming to Falcon Park to see the new Can-Amís Bouleys. (What a name). With the losses on the field and in the seats, the Bouleys moved on to Utica and Falcon Park went dark to pro ball after only one season.