Photograph © Steven L.J. Russo
1978 brought another new co-op team with another new name (we’re not sure why) but they were now the "Auburn Red Stars". The Tigers and Indians were two of the 7 teams that supplied the players *wikipedia. The Red Stars were pretty awful featuring a starting rotation that was downright miserable including Michael Camp (1-6, 9.47), Rick Gorey (1-8, 4.96), Scott Dwyer (0-5, 4.90) and Timothy Florey (1-4, 7.00). The only decent pitcher was Michael Krill (5-2, 2.81). Only one player, Doug Frobel (4 2B, 4 HR, .288) would make the Majors as Frobel would play for several seasons with the Pirates. Despite finishing the season with a miserable 22-45 (.328) record, the fans continued to support the team as 37,000 fans came to Falcon Park for 3rd in the league. And with all this support, Falcon Park found itself again having to go co-op with no Major League team willing to commit to Auburn’s growing fan base. Falcon Park would go co-op for a 3rd straight season and for some odd reason, would change their name for the 3rd year in a row… this time the Auburn Americans. The Americans would go 29-45 (.392) mostly due to a combination of mediocre pitching and mediocre hitting. Future L.A. Dodger Jack Fimple (7 2B, 5 HR, .242) would be the only player to reach the Majors though Ted French (10 2B, 13 HR, .245) provided the best power display the team had seen in years. Fans who continued to support the team through thick and thin  had had enough of the franchise. Feeling like their continued efforts to support Falcon Park throughout it all were being ignored by the big wigs at the MLB, as only 9,000 fans staggered into the ballpark in 1980. Sadly after all these years… they had given up.