Photographs courtesy © Gary Jarvis

After the season ended, the beautiful and vintage wooden ballpark known  as Dwyer Stadium was demolished. In its footprint a new stadium was born of aluminum… Dwyer Stadium II. It was the end of an era here in Batavia, one that would not be captured in quite the same way ever again. Here are the final stats of the Dwyer Stadium I… Most 2B’s -39 Stephen Kromko; Most 3Bs - 12 Don Richmond; Most HRs - 36 Roberto Sanchez; 35 Arthur Blunt; 32 Byron Browne; Most HRs Short Season - 21 Tim Glass; Best Average - .369 Benjamin Visan; Best Average Short Season - .356 Tim Glass; Most Wins - 20 George Patte - 20 Bob Lee ; Short Season 11 - Stephen Cushmore; Best ERA 1.40 Louis Palmisiano; Most Losses - 14 George Denyer. And now… the stars. Dwyer Stadium would produce 12 future Major League All-Stars. They were… Dock Ellis, Cito Gaston, Jeff Shaw, Manny Sanguillen, Sonny Siebert, Kelly Gruber, Andy Ashby, Mike Williams, Woodie Fryman, Bob Lee, Steve Blass and Tyler Green. In all, 3 teams would take home a Championship… the 1945 and 1946 Batavia Clippers and the 1963 Batavia Pirates.
We are always looking for more photographs of Dwyer Stadium I and other now demolished ballparks. If you have a collection yourself or even just one, please let us know!

Our special thank you's to Gary Jarvis for sharing his Hall of Fame collection with us.