Photographs courtesy © Gary Jarvis

1994 brought something very interesting, and not just a decent record. Talk all around town was that Dwyer Stadium and Batavia’s sister ballpark, Auburn’s Falcon Park were going to undergo massive renovations… massive in the fact that neither grandstand would be standing when all was said and done. Dwyer Stadium was looking at its final years as home to Batavia baseball. Future Phillies pitcher Ryan Nye went 7-2, 2.64 and future Phillies’ Wendell Magee batted .279 as the Clippers finished 40-34 on the season. In 1995, the Clippers would announce that indeed this would be their last season at Dwyer Stadium. The grandstand would be demolished and a new modern one would replace it for the 1996 season. We would like to tell you that the team took home a final championship for Dwyer Stadium’s final year but that wouldn’t be the truth, they would however be competitive all season and make the playoffs for the first time in decades. Behind the hitting of future 12 year MLB veteran Marlon Anderson (12 2B, .295, 22 SB) and the pitching of Gary Yeager (9-4, 2.56) Brian Ford (3-1-10 Sv, 1.18) and Bo Hamilton (7-2, 2.58) the Clippers made it to the final round of the playoffs before being eliminated.