Photographs courtesy © Gary Jarvis

The New York Penn League… today a thriving Single-A Minor League system, was born here in Batavia. Back in 1939 the league was known as the Pennsylvania-Ontario-New York League… or the PONY League. It wouldn’t become officially known as the NY-Penn League until 1956. The original charter began here in Batavia with with a meeting of the 6 prospective ballclubs… Jamestown who would play in Celeron Park (Diethrick Park was still 2 years away from its debut), Olean who played in Bradner Stadium (still standing today), Niagara Falls who played in brand new Sal Maglie Stadium (demolished), Hamilton Ontario who played in the football stadium, Ivor Wynn Stadium (still standing), Bradford PA who played at Community Park (demolished) and Batavia rounded out the roster, playing at a brand new wooden ballpark which was known as Dwyer Stadium... the ballpark you see here (known then as State Street Park and now demolished). These 6 teams would lay the groundwork for what would become one of the great Minor League systems.