Photographs courtesy © Gary Jarvis

The new Batavia Indians featured a few great players as Ken Kraynak slammed 28 2Bs, 19 HRs and batted .340 in 1957. Manager Don Richmond would pick up the bat for the first time in years and hit an awesome .381 but had only 160 at bats, so he wouldnít take over any titles. William Palka was also stunning at .352. Gerald Lis was terrific on the mound going 17-5 with a 2.70 ERA. 1958 saw future Indiansí Hal Jones hit 33 2Bs and 22 HRs while batting .327. It was Sonny Siebert however who would hold the most talent. Siebert would go on to play for 12 years with the Red Sox and Athletics and become the first Major League All-Star to be produced by Dwyer Stadium. Al Luplow (11 HRs, .302) would go on to play for 7 years in the MLB and George Denyer would go 8-14 to become the first pitcher to lose 14 games in a season. When the Indians said goodbye to Batavia in 1960, Dwyer Stadium went dark again for the 4th year since it opened in 1939.