Corning Memorial Stadium

Corning New York

Former Home of the
- Corning A's
- Corning Independents
- Corning Red Sox
- Corning Co-Sox
- Corning Royals
Without a Major League team backing them, the Corning Independents would do very poorly. They did poorly even when they had an affiliate so without one at all… you were looking at a 40-85 record. There was one player however that made a difference… the Manager, former Boston Red Sox’ Tony Lupien who swung the bat as well as managing the team. Lupien would hit .332 in 256 At Bats with 20 2Bs and 11 Hrs… the most so far by a Corning player. Albert Pare would be the best hitter overall batting .338 with 20 2B, 7 4B and 5 HR and that was about the only 2 players worth noting in this awful lineup. Robert Fero put up a 10-8, 5.56 record for the only winning record on the team, while Gerard Murphey (5-11, 7.82) and Wilbur Johnson (5-11, 6.19) shared 5-11 records and Merlin Beatty provided a magical 8.03 ERA to go along with his 3-9 record. This was a rough starting rotation and the Independents drew just 24,0000 (last in NY-Penn). Luckily they would be picked up in 1954 by the Boston Red Sox who would breathe new life into this terrible franchise.