Corning Memorial Stadium

Corning New York

Former Home of the
- Corning A's
- Corning Independents
- Corning Red Sox
- Corning Co-Sox
- Corning Royals
Corning Memorial Stadium drew 34,000 in 1951 despite the last place finish. It was 2nd worst in the league but 6k better than the 28,000 Lockport had drawn in 1950. The 1952 A’s got slightly better… finishing in 6th place with a 53-71 record. Raymond Rosenwinkel was the star of the team with the long name, hitting .297 with 24 2B, 7 3B and 9 HR. Gary Hayes reached the double digit mark in triples (16 2B, 10 3B, 4 HR, .228) and James Metcalf hit .317 with 13 2B in 189 At Bats. Steven Sobocan also hit over .300 (.308, 14 2B, 6 3B). George Skordian (10-5, 3.30) was the best pitcher, with Herman Osburn (9-4, 3.29) right behind him. Robert Starace (1-9, 7.07) was the worst and Thomas Davis (6-12, 3.09) had the lowest winning percentage despite the low ERA. The A’s drew 32,000 which was down 2k but was now 4th in the league instead of 7th. With the A’s playing poorly two seasons in a row, the Philadelphia A’s pulled out of Corning and the team would go independent for the 1953 season. The team renamed itself appropriately… the "Corning Independents". it would be the only year that the Corning franchise would play without a Major League affiliate.