The first team to call this home was the "Corning A’s" who moved to town from Lockport NY’s Outwater Stadium in 1951. The ballclub had been a Cincinnati Reds franchise in Lockport but was picked up by the Philadelphia A’s upon the move to Corning Memorial Stadium. The franchise had fallen low in the standings before the move and certainly weren’t any better upon their arrival here. The only player to make the Majors off the 1951 Corning roster was Eric McKenzie (.223) and he would only play a single game. The team wasn’t completely without merits however. Richard Kirk was the obvious hitting star on the team hitting .316 with 26 2B, 7 3B and 6 HR. Stephen Sobocan hit .311 with 28 2B and 5 3B and Robert Yeakel led the team in power with 19 2B, 9 3B, 7 HR and a .265 average. As for the pitching, John Yerkes (12-7, 3.98) was the best of the worst. Carroll Berger (7-17, 4.41)… easily the worst. Thomas Davis (2-7, 7.28) and Jack Hale (3-6, 7.09) weren’t far behind as this team went 45-81 for a last place finish.