Gary Burnham would take over the batting title hitting .325 with 22 doubles which he still holds as of this writing, while Rusty McNamara’s 54 RBIs (17 2Bs, .312) would take over the RBI title of Dwyer Stadium II (also still the record holder as of this writing). Together this 1997 team would put together a fantastic run and coming down the stretch, they would enter into the playoffs and easily take round 1. In round two however, they would find the Pittsfield Mets who featured future star A.J. Burnett. The Pittsfield Mets didn’t look nearly as good on paper as Batavia did, but they still won the playoffs, taking out the Clippers and walking away with the NY-Penn League Championship. The Clippers were sent home empty handed and determined to come back fighting in 1998, however they wouldn’t be fighting as the Batavia Clippers any longer.