In 1995, the Batavia Clippers played their final game at Dwyer Stadium I. The ballpark which was built in 1939, had lived out its legacy. Batavia and Dwyer Stadium I is after all, where the NY-Penn League had begun. The Batavia Clippers were the first ball-team ever in the NY-Penn League (then called the PONY League) and the charter for this Single-A league that thrives today, was signed right here. In the winter of 1995, the wrecking ball came to Dwyer Stadium I and knocked down the old wooden grandstand. This new modern one was built in its place, using the same footprint, surrounding the same ballfield. Dubbed Dwyer Stadium II, DS Jr. as it were… would pick up where the legacy of Dwyer Stadium I had left off, and hopefully pick up a few more championships along the way.