Other contributors included Andy Bovender who hit .314 .with 15 2Bs and 5 HRs, and Chad Alexander who hit .291, also with 15 2Bs and 5 HRs. Future Los Angeles Dodgersí Oscar Robles hit .287 with 9 2Bs. On the mound future Astrosí Jason Green was the best pitcher posting an 8-2, 3.81 record while future Rangersí Brian Sikorski was 1-2 with 12 Saves and a 2.10 ERA as closer for the team. The rest of the pitching however would be the teamís downfall and the reason they would never make it to that next step, with most pitchers struggling to get their ERAís under 4.00 and many under 5.00 or 6.00. That trend continued into 1996 with the team failing to break the .500 mark. With the novelty of the new ballpark wearing off and the team finishing 3rd and never really competing, attendance dropped to 44,800... 14k less than the previous season. There were some decent hitters though on this team with Kevin Burns showing some good power hitting 19 2Bs and 11 HRs with 55 RBIs and a .264 batting average taking over the HR and RBI categories from Ramon Castro in the very short Falcon Park II record books. Wes Pratt would take over the other two records, hitting 22 2Bs and batting .313.