The Timber Hawks were members of the Oakland A's organization and were a mediocre ballclub finishing 2 games under .500, in 5th place. They featured future San Francisco Giant Mike Woodard (8 2B, .342), future A's / Twins, 7 yr. MLB veteran Keith Atherton (7-3, 3.42) and perhaps the most successful teammate (though not as a player), future Expos / Mets General Manager Omar Minaya (3 2B, 2 HR, .208). The Timber Hawks were unsuccessful at the gate as they would draw a paltry 14,000 for the season. The A's umbrella would only last one season as Oakland switched its affiliation to Medford Oregon's Miles Field. The vacancy however was quickly filled, as the Philadelphia Phillies signed a long term 9 yr. PDC. The team was renamed the "Central Oregon Phillies", as Philadelphia pumped tremendous talent into Vince Genna Stadium.