The time had finally come. Athletic Park (or Capilano Stadium I) had done its best to bring quality baseball to the masses here in British Columbia. It certainly was a striking stadium and had all the character (at least before the fires) that you could ask for in an all wooden ballpark. Vancouver remembered very well however when this park went dark for 17 years as baseball left the B.C. seemingly for good. That could not happen again and to make sure it wouldn't a brand new stadium  known as "Capilano Stadium II later changed to Nat Bailey Stadium rose up in 1951 this time out of concrete and steel to avoid any more fiery rebuilds. The new baseball facility was so stunning that it would be utilized not only by this Northwest League, but by the Triple-A Pacific Coast League as well and still operates today as the Single-A home of the Toronto Blue Jays as the only affiliated Minor League stadium in Canada. Athletic Field was quickly dismantled after the Capilanos moved over.