Bob Snyder would be that new workhorse posting an amazing 22-11 record (though despite an ERA that was 5.81) while Vern Kindsfather (18-10, 4.31) and George Nicholas (15-7, 4.24) joined with Harold Anderson (11-1, 4.95) to give the Capilanos some pretty impressive win numbers. High ERA's across the board would lead one to believe however that this team's success may have had more to do with hitting. Bud Shelly (21 HR, .348) and local hero Charlie Mead (22 2B, 8 3B, 19 HR, .326) were at the center of that conversation. Len Tran (39 2B, 8 3B, 10 HR, .330), Ray Tran (24 2B, .322) and James Robinson (20 2B, 12 3B, .337) would back Shelly and Mead as the Capilanos outslugged their way to their best ever season in 1949 finishing at 91-57 and winning the playoffs. It would be Vancouvers 3rd Northwest League (WIL) Championship Trophy in 5 years. It was also the final days of Athletic Park. The winds of change were in the air. Bob Brown who had been here since the original Recreation Park in 1910 was getting older and the Capilanos were very quickly outgrowing their makeshift rebuild of their original Athletic Park stadium.