Bob Brown and Emil Sick would bring in Frank Mullens for the 1947 season to be their big hitter… replacing Orteig and Clarkson who went with the Boston Braves organization. Mullens was absolutely tremendous slamming 33 HR and batting .321 while Charlie Mead returned for his second season in Vancouver and suddenly turned into a superstar … batting .354 with 33 2B and 25 HR. Still being utilized as a "co-op" the Boston Braves still sent some talent Vancouver's way and it came in the form of future Braves' pitcher Bob Hall who posted 15-7, in a rotation that also featured journeyman Carl Gunnarson (16-7) and Jim Hedgecock (21-10). The Vancouver Capilanos were able, without a full time Major League affiliate... to win 86 games and capture their second WIL Championship. The team had an off year again in 1948, seemingly winning only in odd numbered years. Charlie Mead (23 HR) and Frank Mullens (21 HR) however stayed with the franchise as the Capilanos tried to again retool their pitching.