With the ballpark going dark during the war years, bad things began to happen here at Athletic Park and by 1945 a fire broke out that yet again gutted the stadium. Athletic Park was again quickly rebuilt (out of wood) as Bob Brown had heard that the Western International League would be regrouping in time for opening day 1946. When the ballpark was re-introduced to the public however, the stadium was renamed "Capilano Stadium". This is where it gets slightly confusing as today's professional Vancouver Baseball Park Nat Bailey Stadium was dubbed Capilano Stadium for much of its existence. Today's (concrete and steel) Nat Bailey/Capilano Stadium is really Capilano Stadium II as the wooden "Capilano Stadium I" was this 2nd rebuild of the post-fire grandstand of Athletic Park from 1946 until they moved to the new ballpark in the early 1950's.