Sick wanted to separate his new franchise from the one that had played at Con Jones Park and immediately renamed the team, the "Vancouver Capilanos" named after Capilano Brewery. (The Seattle Rainiers were named after Sick's Rainier Beer, not the Seattle volcano). The hitting was spectacular as future Cubs' Wimpy Quinn hit 30 2B, 21 HR and batted .330 and Edward Stewart hit 34 2B, 27 HR and batted .324 becoming the first two players to break the 20 HR mark at Athletic Park. Roswell Edy also batted .346 with 24 2B and 9 HR. The new Capilanos made it to the post-season in their first season finishing at 76-63 but lost in the 1st round of the playoffs. They again made it to the post season in 1940 thanks to a trio of 20+HR hitters (Tom Lloyd - 28 HR, .313; Wimpy Quinn 39 2B, 15 3B, 27 HR, .342; Ralph Samhammer - 38 2B, 12 3B, 25 HR, .332), only to lose again in the 1st round. Ray Orteig (31 2B, 10 3B, 19 HR, .341) and Bud Stewart (41 2B, 17 HR, .320) also helped electrify this ballpark but it was to no avail. The pitching was just terrible with ERA's that were mostly in the 5.00-6.81 range with an 8.14 in there as well.