By 1937 it was announced that after 15 long dark years… the old Western International League would be restarting its baseball program… and it was announced that Vancouver would lead the way as one of the first teams on board joining Lewiston ID, Yakima WA, Wenatchee WA, Tacoma WA and Spokane WA. The triumphant return of baseball to Vancouver however took a very odd turn however as the team wasn't awarded to Bob Brown but instead went to Con Jones who owned the big Lacrosse teams and cigar stores around Vancouver. Con Jones opted to put the franchise in his newly built Lacrosse stadium dubbed Con Jones Park (aka Callister Park) leaving the Athletic Park baseball stadium abandoned even though it had a newly rebuilt grandstand and lighting. For the next two seasons, the new "Vancouver Maple Leafs" would try to make the configuration work for them, but in actuality it would never happen. Con Jones began to lose money on the franchise and after two seasons, began to think he was better off sticking to what he knew best... Lacrosse. With that, he sold the team to a group featuring Emil Sick (who would become famous for creating Sicks Stadium in Seattle… home to the Seattle Rainiers and MLB's Seattle Pilots for 40 years) as well as Bob Brown. Sick immediately moved the team back to Athletic Park, in time for the 1939 season. Professional Baseball had finally returned to Athletic Park after going dark for 17 years.