The war was won and brought about the "Roaring 20's". The Northwest International League once again went back to its initial name from the season earlier… the Pacific Coast International League. Victoria, Tacoma, Spokane, Seattle, Vancouver and Yakima took the field and Vancouver stayed competitive all season long, finishing 3rd with a 65-50 record. Even better was that Bob Brown was once again at the helm serving as Manager. The hitting would get even stronger the following season as Wilson hit .360 with 32 2B and 5 HR. New Manager Billy Purtell (who took over as Brown went back to running the team from the front office) hit 34 2B and batted .334 and Mose Solomon provided some power hitting 19 2B, 8 3B, 13 HR and batting .313. The problem was… as the hitting got stronger, the pitching got weaker with F. Brindza posting a truly awful 8-25 record on the season as the supposed "ace" of staff. Vancouver slipped quickly in the standings to 4th place with a 45-72 record. Owner Bob Brown took over the following season as Manager again to try and right the ship and got the team to .500 but unfortunately the newly renamed "Western International League" had come to its bitter end… and this time, there wasn't going to be a revival of it for a very... very long time.