By 1919, the Vancouver Beavers had returned home (from wherever it is that they played in Vancouver Washington). Athletic Park was back alive again. The Pacific Coast International League rebranded itself as the Northwest International League (perhaps to separate itself from the failures of the Pacific Coast International League during the previous season) but fielded just 4 teams Seattle, Victoria, Vancouver and Tacoma. It appeared that rebooting into a new organizational name utilizing the 4 strongest teams wasn't going to bring the success that they had hoped for. Tacoma couldn't hold onto their talent (as much of it probably left to fight the war). At 5-17 on the season, Tacoma dropped out on June 5th, leaving just 3 teams. By June 8th, the NWIL pulled the plug yet again with the Vancouver Beavers in 1st place, winning the Northwest International League's trophy in its only season of operation.