The was hope that the new Pacific Coast International League was supposed to provide a slightly more stable situation than what had happened with the Class A Northwestern League, but unfortunately, that wouldn't be the case. The war began to really rage on in Europe and it created such instability that team's could no longer carry on. Tacoma and Spokane would drop out of the league completely by May 26th. Leaving just Seattle, Portland, Aberdeen and Vancouver.  By June 25th even Vancouver found itself unable to cope with the war effort and announced that they would be leaving Athletic Park and Vancouver British Columbia for Vancouver Washington. They would keep the name, the Vancouver Beavers as well… they were still playing in Vancouver; Just a different Vancouver. They would spend the next 11 days playing for a man named James A. Hamilton as Bob Brown gave up the reigns to the team. In that time, they went 0-11 at their new home in the United States. Where exactly their new home was however is a mystery as there doesn't seem to be any information available as to where the new Washington State Vancouver Beavers played. By July 7th, the Pacific International League officially suspended operations due to WWI.