The next few years weren't kind to Bob Brown's Beavers… even though he was back at the helm of manager again. The talent just wasn't there. The Northwestern League meanwhile began to falter as the war years came on. The league finally collapsed during the 1917 season. The Class B organization however would be revised in 1918 as the Class B "Pacific Coast International League". This is not to be confused with the Class AA "Pacific Coast League"… the Triple-A organization which still stands today (and which would be home to some of the Vancouver franchises of the future). This new "Pacific Coast International League" however does have some slight roots to one of today's Minor League systems... the Single-A Northwest League. The PCIL would eventually morph into the Western International League which would be a Class B Minor League system from the war years until 1922. Though the league would suspend operations after that, it would be revamped some 15 years later as the Western International League made a sudden comeback. This new Western International League would rebrand itself in 1955 to be the Northwest League of today.