Pioneer Park

Ken Waite Field

Aberdeen Washington

Former secondary home of the Gray's Harbor Ports
Loggers & Gulls
Even though Pioneer Park is practically walking distance from the larger Olympic Stadium, almost all of the Gray's Harbor teams would move select weekend games or special games closer to the more populated side of town. According to SABR representative Gord Brown of Ontario, several games a year were moved to Pioneer Park by almost every professional team that played in Hoquiam. To be honest, we're not really sure just how many or how often this ballpark was utilized by pro baseball. We just know it was. Time and time again, you'll see Pioneer Park show up with Olympic Stadium for Gray's Harbor Baseball. Anyone with more information on how often this ballpark was used for pro ball, please let us know. In left field is another wooden  ballpark that is about the same size in seating capacity but much smaller in the ballfield. "Failor Field" is used for Little League tournaments and the ballpark has its own unique character.