Since Pioneer Park was home to the Northwest League's Loggers teams, this ballpark was once home to the Single-A Mets. We can't really say that anyone too famous came to play here for the home team but a couple of future Major Leaguers came through this park including Jose Oquendo who practically began his life as a shortstop for the Mets, signing with the team and playing here at this ballpark and Olympic Stadium at the age of only 15. Oquendo would go on to play Major League baseball for the Mets before becoming a St. Louis Cardinal. Once he joined the Cardinals, he thrived... and became one of the most utilized utility men in the history of the Major Leagues. It wasn't uncommon for Oquendo to play all 9 positions... from SS to Pitcher to Catcher to 1st Baseman and all around the outfield... all in the same game.