Olympic Stadium

Hoquiam Washington

Former home of the Gray's Harbor Ports
Loggers & Gulls
1997 brought the most fearsome slugger ever to play in these friendly confines. His name was Mike Rendina and he was the superstar of the Western Baseball League in the Gulls' 3rd season of professional baseball. Redina would bat .272 with a 10 2Bs and a whopping 24 HRs... assuring his place in Olympic Stadium history. Randy Warner also contributed with 21 2Bs and 13 Hrs while batting .305. Al Mealing backed him up by hitting .296 with 17 2Bs and 9 HRs and Mark Kingston matched that power total hitting 18 2Bs and 9 HRs while batting .286. David Sanchez was the steadiest bat batting .335 with 21 2Bs and 7 HRs and Christopher Grubb returned to hit .302 with 16 2Bs and 5 HRs.