Olympic Stadium

Hoquiam Washington

Former home of the Gray's Harbor Ports
Loggers & Gulls
The Grays Harbor Gulls were being led by one of the characters of the game... Charlie Kerfeld. Kerfeld was a good pitcher in the Astros organization and in 1986 went 11-2... helping the Astros reach the infamous playoff games against the Mets. Kerfeld's personality seemed to be grounded in Monty Pythonesque humor. Charlie Kerfield often showed up to the ballpark wearing "pink high-tops and Rambo Camies". After learning that Jim Deshaies signed for 110,000, #37 Kerfield asked for and received 110,000 dollars... along with 37 boxes of orange Jello. When in the bullpen, Kerfeld often wore a conehead's mask and coaxed others to join him. *Wikipedia. When he came to manage the Gulls, Kerfield was about 400 lbs and 6'7"... a monster of a man. "Brandon S." who was interning for the Gulls saw Kerfeld blow his top after a number of blown calls. Al Mealing was called out stealing when he was obviously safe to everyone at Olympic Stadium. Kerfeld ran on the field to scream at the umpire while "God Bless Texas" of all things, was playing through the speakers. After being tossed out, Kerfeld went back to 1st base and ran to 2nd, pretending to steal the base... then popped up and gave himself a safe call to the delight of the Hoquiam crowd. He then threw 2nd base into centerfield. That night he got the base back, signed it and gave it to the umpire with the inscription... Dear Jim, thanks for the memories, love Charlie Kerfeld.