Other future Major Leaguers included pitchers Dave Smith (3-5, 4.37) and Jeff Bettendorf (1-4, 4.09). Rusty Tillman would also play in the outfield and go on to play in parts of 3 seasons for the Mets, Giants and A's. He would bat .295 with 10 2Bs and 3 HRs. As for the rest of the staff... Kevin Spicer (0-4, 6.63) and (Jeffery Sunderlage 0-3, 7.57) joined James Cooperrider (3-9, 5.50)  and David Michael (0-1, 7.92) to make up a very frightning back end of the Gray's Harbor pitching staff. No pitcher on the team sported a winning record, and most like Joseph Plummer (0-5, 4.50) failed to win a single game. Hitting wise, there was no power at all. William Chamberlain's 8 2B, 4 HR, .253 performance was the highlight (or lowlight). David Duff's 16 2B, 2 HR, .238 performance offered the 2nd highest slugging percentage (.366) to Rusty Tillman. The rest of the team seemed to hit somewhere between .178 and .227 with a .111 performance by Bryan Dunbar sprinkled in.