Civic Stadium was born in 1938 and up until 2009, it was one of the only remaining wooden ballparks, still in use in affiliated professional baseball. It has been used for both Short Season Single-A baseball and Triple-A Pacific Coast League baseball in its tenure… as well as home to rodeos and football and just about every other sport. This is why the ballpark was built in an "L" form. (We've seen this many times before) The smaller curve in the L is meant more for baseball while the long 1st baseline is more for football and soccer. Even as baseball came in 1969 and turned Civic Stadium pro, the 3rd baseline was never built upon and still serves as one of the two main picnic areas in the stadium. In many ways this ballpark is very similar in design to Hoquiam Washington's wooden stadium… Olympic Stadium; (except for the fact that the wooden grandstand doesn't continue around from right field to center).