The Maple Leafs came back in 1938 and lacked the hitting to keep the team over .500 as they sank to 3 games under, finishing in 4th place… 12.5 games behind the first place Yakima Pippins. They were playing to some very sparse crowds as barely anyone was coming to see Vancouver Maple Leafs. Con Jones began to feel that maybe he was "in over his head" on this baseball venture. All of his other sporting endeavors would usually turn up roses for him, but the Maple Leafs weren't a very good team and the fans didn't seem to enjoy coming to the soccer/football/lacrosse based Con Jones Park for a baseball game any more than fans in the modern era liked coming out to the Metrodome in the Minnesota or Pro Player Park/Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami to watch baseball played in what was really, a football stadium.