The Portland Beavers were also a part of the PCL for decades, but the Multnomah Stadium aka PGE-Providence Park which became the home of the Beavers in 1956, has since been converted into a full time soccer stadium and Triple-A baseball has moved on to a lovely modern new ballpark in El Paso. That leaves just one ballpark remaining from the final years before Major League Baseball came to the West Coast. Though Nat Bailey Stadium (and PGE-Providence Park) only served for 2 seasons in the PCL before the Westward expansion of the MLB... this ballpark does accurately represent the style of architecture, the level of intimacy and the quality of the great game during that time. Fans of today's Vancouver Canadians are well educated about their team, very loyal to the franchise and intensely involved in the action on the field. There aren't the usual distractions at this historic ballpark... with carousels and kid's play areas and hot tubs and all that extra nonsense. It isn't needed in Vancouver. Fans of this team are here to see the game and the attention paid to every pitch is probably higher than that of any Minor League ballpark that we've visited south of the border. These games mean something to Vancouver's fans and while the Canadians are no longer a Triple-A team... these players will hopefully go on to play for the "National" team of Canada... the Toronto Blue Jays.