It wasn't until 1958 that the "winds of change" began to blow from the East and the migration of Major League Baseball finally came to the Pacific Coast. That chaotic season would see the Brooklyn Dodgers move to LA to become the Los Angeles Dodgers, putting an end to both the Pacific Coast League's Los Angeles Angels franchise as well as the Hollywood Stars as they took up residence at the football stadium known as LA Coliseum. The New York Giants quickly followed moving into the Seals' former Triple-A ballpark known as Seals Stadium. Major League Baseball had taken over the Pacific Coast putting an end to what had been "the Golden Era" of the Pacific Coast League. All of the bucolic, storied ballparks that made the PCL such an intimate place to watch a ballgame came crashing down, one by one. Sadly there is only one ballpark that remains as an active professional Minor League baseball park from that "Golden Era of the Pacific Coast League" (before the Major Leagues moved to the West Coast in 1958)... Vancouver's Nat Bailey Stadium.