The original teams of the grand old PCL are still talked about today… storied franchises that wove themselves deeply into the hearts of those who lived along the Pacific Ocean. It wasn't just the teams however that brought on such nostalgia. It was the ballparks as well. Oakland had its wooden Oaks Park which was lovely but always dead last in attendance. So much so that the Oaks would leave their home and move north in 1956 to the stunning city of Vancouver where a new ballpark "Capilano Stadium" had been built. That is where this franchise finally found true "success" at this historic ballpark. The Hollywood Stars franchise meanwhile had moved to the classic Gilmore Field after spending at year at the neighboring football stadium at L.A. Market known as Gilmore Stadium. The San Francisco Seals thrived at Seals Stadium while Los Angeles' Angels played in a clone of Wrigley Field dubbed Wrigley Field II. San Diego enjoyed success at Lane Field and Westgate Park while Sacramento utilized Edmonds Field. Seattle played at Emil Sicks' Sicks Stadium (which this stadium is modeled after. More on that later...) and Portland spend most of its time at Lucky Beavers Park (aka Vaughn Street Park) before eventually taking over Multnomah Stadium (aka PGE Park aka Civic Stadium aka known today as Providence Park) in 1956.