Throughout the years, this ballpark hosted all sorts of amateur tournaments and play... and somehow managed to avoid playing host to any of the Akron Minor League teams that existed in the late 20's-early 30's. That almost wasn't the case as the Yankees had problems moving from Wheeling W.V. to League Park II in Akron during the early 20's. According to his book "A Fine Bunch of Ball Tossers" by Richard McBane, The Yankees actually did attempt to secure a lease for Firestone Park, but in the end
were able to legitimately pay off all of the former Negro League teams that had called League Park home, and they finally made that stadium their home ballpark. As WWII drew upon the nation, the Central League which had been utilizing League Park suspended operations. League Park was never to be utilized again, but that didn't increase any chances of professional baseball coming to Firestone Stadium. That was because professional baseball was done in Akron, and wouldn't return again for 50 years. Even Canton... Akron's sister city went without a team until 1989, when Thurman Munson Stadium was built. Of course that all changed in 1997 when the Akron Aeros came to town to play Double-A ball for the Eastern League. With the Akron Aeros however came a brand new multi-million dollar downtown ballpark, thus ending any chance whatsoever for professional baseball to come to Firestone Stadium.