There are a lot of great ballparks in Ohio but this may be arguably one of the most beautiful of all. It is also one of the least talked about. The reason is simple. The stadium was built for amateur baseball only... and while Babe Ruth and his co-horts may have plunked a few out of this stadium on barnstorming teams that criss crossed the country during the off-season, this stadium has never hosted a professional Minor League team ever. It's almost a shame really... the nicest stadium in Ohio never seeing professional
  baseball. That wasn't the intention however. The intention was to create a baseball paradise for amateur players. Back when it was created, it was very common for huge factory conglomorates to create ballparks for their workers to have a little play time after work. It helped moral and gave people a chance to feel that had factory work wasn't all they were living for. Here they had a chance to blow off some steam and play some good hard baseball.