The idea was very common down in the southeastern part of the United States where textile mills created whole interleagues between factories with elaborate ballparks and Minor League styled schedules. Some of these players became local heros and their teams drew huge crowds. While the Southeast was a haven for this, it certainly spread throughout the United States, and no doubt... its jewel was created here in Akron Ohio. Firestone Stadium... well I think you've guessed who's brainchild it was. Harvey S. Firestone was a tremendous baseball enthusiast and built this ballpark for his Firestone Tire and Rubber employees as well as for all of the amateur playes of Akron. The ballpark became an immediate success upon it's opening in 1925 and drew the eyes of the nation when it opened including the Babe himself. Babe Ruth used to play all over the country... making a few extra bucks for himself and other Major League players in the offseason, much to the chagrin of the Yankees Front Office. When this ballpark opened, the Babe did indeed knock a few right out of this stadium.