Out of all of the doughnut shaped stadiums that had littered the land from 1968 until 2006, Busch Stadium II was easily the best of the bunch. Its trademark arches which surrounded the ballpark gave it character as did its striking red seats.  Trust me when I say that places like Three Rivers Stadium… lacked any character whatsoever. In fact
by the Mark McGwire era, Busch Stadium II would become such a well renovated facility that many felt (including us) that it be nearly sinful of an idea to replace it. In talking too many of the fans around "B-II", Busch Stadium the 2nd was where they remember the days of the "white rat" when Whitey Herzog ran Ozzie Smith and Willie McGee and Vince Coleman around the bases so fast that opposing starting pitchers went dizzy. Busch Stadium II wasn't perfect, but it was certainly a nice enough home.