At 31 years old, he would take the mound for the St. Louis Cardinals, and while he wasn't the first 20 game winner on this team, he was one of the first to win 20 and not lose 20 in the same year. Finishing at 26-16, Cy Young would turn this team around… at least for one season before going on to the Boston Red Sox to continue his career as a regular 30 game winner… and amass the most wins of any pitcher in history (511). Cy Young was the only reason for the success of the Perfectos however… another future Hall
of Famer named Bobby Wallace would join the team as well and hit 12 HRs (double-digits in HR was very rare during the "dead-ball era"). While knocking in 108 RBIs, tying Bones Ely (1894) for the most HR at Robison Field and becoming the first triple-digit RBI man in Robison history. Even those numbers weren't as impressive as the 3rd future Hall of Famer... Jesse Burkett who nearly hit .400 batting .396 in 635 plate appearances to take the all time batting title thus far at Robison Field. These three future Hall of Famers would combine to give the Perfectos the first measurable level of success that they would see for quite some time.