A CSL based league like the NECBL can go into markets that Minor League franchises can't. Since they don't have to pay player salaries… costs are lower and markets like Manchester Connecticut can have a minor league style team playing home games at their local park. Because New England is so picturesque, many of these CSL's are based here… utilizing the bucolic beauty of the park systems and old forgotten Minor League stadiums of the region. For a decade, the Manchester Silkworms was one of those franchises. The Silkworms began in 2000 as an expansion of the NECBL. The initial problem was, even though Manchester seemed like a terrific media market for the team, there wasn't a ballpark to play in with the quality of a mini-minor league facility. Northwest Park was built in 2000 with the idea of bringing a high quality CSL team to Manchester to give the residents of this town something to root for.