In this stadium's first season, Tampa had a monster year putting up a 54-6 record, going on to win the NCAA Division II World Series Championship. They went back to beating out Columbus State to win their second straight World Series Championship again in 2007. Most recently in 2013... the Spartans again would go all the way winning the Division II W.S. Championship trophy after going 47-12 on the season. (Again, this is not just winning the local regional conference... this is the NCAA Division II version of the Omaha College World Series).
Sadly 2014 was a disappointment as they made it to the grand stage but lost after perhaps their best season ever... putting up an absolutely incredible 54-4 record on the season. The Perfect Pitcher Trio of Preston Packrall (11-0, 2.12), David Heintz (10-0, 2.08) and Trey Oest (9-0, 2.43) gave this team a 30-0 record from the 1-2-3 pitchers in the rotation. The Spartans were ranked #1 in the nation in Division II baseball every week all season long.