Stanky Field underwent tremendous renovations in 2005 to look as it does today. The dark green colorless seats have been replaced by this rather vibrant seating giving the ballpark a whole new look. Also, this pressbox used to just be your standard wooden/tin pressbox that you would find at any college/pre-70's ballpark, but it was demolished and replaced by this strikingly tall building which gives this ballpark a whole new look. The 3,775 seat stadium is now not only up to par with the best that NCAA Division I baseball has to offer… it is nicer than most Minor
League Ballparks. In fact, it is no surprise that Stanky Field was responsible for bringing Minor League Baseball back to Mobile after being forgotten about for 25 years. When Hartwell Field hosted its final game back in 1970, pro ball left for good from this town. A town that has itself, has given birth to 5 Hall of Famers. That was the case however as pro ball came to an end here after the White Sox moved out of Mobile after one season in 1970. Hartwell Field was razed and Mobile was abandoned by pro baseball until 1994, when the new upstart "Texas-Louisiana" Independent League came calling.