Hall of Famer's Hank Aaron, Satchel Paige, Willie McCovey, Billy Williams and Ozzie Smith may all be Mobile's favorite sons but this ballpark pays homage to another… Eddie Stanky, Mobile's adopted son. Stanky wasn't born here… he's actually a Philly kid. He didn't even go to school here. He did however lead the Dodgers to a World Series and became a manager for the Cardinals, White Sox and Rangers after his playing career came to an end. He won the Manager of the Year Award in 1952 for Major League Baseball because Stanky's managing skills were
second to none.  His on-field play was notorious and consisted of being one of the peskiest hitters in baseball… and when on base, one of the peskiest runners as well. Stories are still being told about his exploits to this day. Things like the infield fly rule for instance, are due to Stanky dropping balls in the infield on purpose to get double-plays.