The intriguing question of course is... "Why would the New York Mets build a $6 million ballpark, only to be used for one year, on St. John's University's grounds"? This actually gets even more interesting, as it wasn't even built for the Mets' own franchise use. We will get into all of that very soon. This fascinating tale began in 1998 when the New York Mets and the New York Yankees came to an agreement after decades of territorial vetoes. Up until now, the Mets and the Yankees both owned territorial rights within a 75 mile radius surrounding Citi Field (previously old Shea Stadium) and the Yankees of Yankee Stadium. This included Minor League franchises as well. This radius kept not only other Major League teams from entering into their respective fan bases and stealing from their economic territories, but Minor League teams as well. So, if any Minor League team wanted to place a franchise within city limits, or suburbs or even very distant suburbs… they were met with a veto by the opposing franchise(s).