Bob Horner would put on the biggest show in Omaha, as the big 3 pushed Arizona State past Clemson, Southern Ilinois and Minnesota for their showdown against Mookie Wilson's South Carolina. There… the face-off for the Championship came down to of all things… a pitching duel. It would be a tight 2-1 ballgame all the way to the end, but it was ASU on the winning side of things. After previously winning 3 World Series Championships at
their old haunt "Phoenix Municipal Stadium", they were finally able to take one back to their new home, Packard Stadium.  With Bob Horner holding down the left corner in 1978… the Mets future everyday 3rd baseman for many years, came to ASU instead, as a shortstop. Hubie Brooks would make as big of an impact as Bob Horner by batting a whopping .432 in 1978 for the Sun Devils... putting himself forever in ASU lore as one of their greatest hitters. At the time the .432 was the best ever recorded in the Aluminum Bat era and at Packard Stadium.