Don McBride Stadium is built into a bowl. You actually enter through the top of the stadium and work your way down to your seating level. Street level is about 5-10 feet above this ballpark. It is surrounded by a high fence surrounding the entire ballfield, which has seen plenty of reconstruction due to weather.  In the early days of the Minor Leagues, this wall he hill leading up to it and even the light stantions were actually in play... a daunting sort of monster that couldn't be breached. Very few homers were hit in this ballpark in the Ohio State League days and the ones that
    were... were mostly of the inside-the-park variety. Though there is a much more hitter friendly fence, today in centerfield this impenetrable wall is still here to see for those willing to take a walk out behind left field and see the hill, fence and lightpoles that were at one time... a hitter's nightmare. A large section of this wall and the stadium's press box were renovated recently due to the strong winds and storms of 2011.