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In recent years however… many of the parent clubs have actually invited teams to come play within that jurisdiction… as long as they are in fact, the parent club of that franchise. Much of this began when the Mets and Yankees finally shook hands over jurisdiction of Minor League teams. The Mets wanted their Single-A team within the city limits and the Yankees wanted to do the same, but each team had been blocking the other for years. Finally, the Yankees allowed the Mets to build a ballpark in Brooklyn for the Cyclones as long as they were allowed to build one in Staten Island for the S.I. Yanks. Much of a ballclubs inner city markets were also being infiltrated by independent leagues which the Major Leagues can't control. If Major League teams were going to lose out to Minor League franchises, might as well be their own. This opened the floodgates to a new trend in bringing a parent club’s Minor League franchises, much closer to home.