(Photographs Courtesy of Mike Daddario presented by Ed Baker)

The Athletic only stayed in Sunbury for one season, before leaving for Salisbury Maryland's Memorial Park. The vacancy would be filled by the New York Giants organization. The Giants would sign on for two seasons and bring a winning team back to Sunbury. The Giants put together a 73-65 record (.529), behind the Managing of Charlie Fox (who would go on to become a great manager with the San Francisco Giants)... good enough to make the playoffs. They would get further than ever before, beating Allentown 4 games to 1 and making it to the finals where they would get swept by Wilmington. Only 43,000 showed up to see the team play, but attendance was down in every league, all over America. Joe Margoneri led Sunbury and the Interstate League with 212 strikeouts. The Sunbury Giants had come back to earth by 1952, with a pretty awful 53-87 record (.379), 35 1/2 games out of first place. Only 31,575 showed up at Sunbury to see the team play. The team featured Rudy Hernandez who would hit .263 for Sunbury. The Interstate League couldn't survive the drooping attendance and dissolved after the 1952 season. Sunbury went without baseball for 2 years before hooking on with the Piedmont League in 1955. Several other teams from the Interstate League joined as well. Sunbury was back under the Redlegs umbrella and played as the "Sunbury Redlegs". The team went 47-80 finishing in 7th place.