The quality of player wasn't much better with the Phillies than the Athletics the previous season. Though they weren't a 105 loss last place team, the Phillies were instead a 92 loss last place team. (Philadelphia wasn't showing itself very proudly during the wartime years). Ron Northey however was a decent player, though a forgotten one today. His 35 2B, 22 HR, 104 RBI's and .288 Batting Average at least gave the Phillies someone to root for, even if his
   name would be lost in years to come. Buster Adams (35 2B, 17 HR, .283) provided protection in the lineup for Northey. On the mound... another forgotten Major Leaguer... Ken Raffensberger, was the ace of staff and would go 13-20 on the season despite leading the team in ERA with a 3.06. In 1945, the Phillies returned and were even more pitiful than the hapless 1943 Philadelphia Athletics. Posting a supremely awful 46-108 record, the team's only star was Joe DiMaggio's brother Vince who posted 25 2B, 19 HR and a .257. Dick Barrett led the team in wins with an 8-20, 5.38. He was followed in the rotation by Charley Schanz who was 4-15, 4.35 and Charlie Sproull at 4-10, 5.94. This was a tough team to watch. It was also the last team to ever use this ballpark as a full time Spring Training facility. By 1946 the war was over. The Phillies would return to the much warmer and beautiful Flamingo Park in Miami Beach while the Philadelphia A's resumed normal Spring Training play at Wright Field in West Palm Beach.